Welcome to the website of NPC Energy, solar plant developers for the Netherlands. We are initiating and developing large scale PV-plants either roof- or ground-tied unto the financial close moment.

Together with the finest installation engineers and long-term capital partners, we are able to develop, build and maintain large-scale solar plants to fulfill the needs of the Dutch climate goals.


“We are New Power Collective (www.NPC.Energy)”

NPC is a project developer for renewable and smart energy projects in the Netherlands. Our main focus is on large–scale solar plants, either roof- or ground-tied. Our projects generate substantial revenues for both the administrators as well as for the land- and asset owners.

We work closely together with international partners who are able to finance, build and maintain our projects.

NPC is therefore able to focus on developing many large-scale renewable energy projects simultaneously.

We believe in accelerating the energy transition by focusing on a ‘tiny’ part of the total scope of activities that need to be done in order to reach the ambitious climate goals of our governments worldwide. NPC sees solar projects as a major contributor for reaching these goals.


Our goal

Become a top 3 solar project developer for 1MWp+ solar plants in the Netherlands by 2023.

NPC works with first-class partners that are able to offer the best available solar technologies against the best pricing, delivered in a fast and efficient way and maintained on a 24/7/365 continuous basis.


Developing and building a minimum of 10MWp of solar projects in the Netherlands each year. We focus on solar projects from a minimum size of 1 MWp land or roof based.

Searching for local off-takers close to our solar plants, in order to create a microgrid. This enables local supply and demand among the producer (PV-plant) and local users of this green energy, for example companies, factories or farmers. By doing so we avoid building expensive connection lines to the national grid.

High-volume business development and strong culture of efficient and successful conversion from first contact with asset and land owners to financial close.

Our solutions

Solar as a buy

For customers that want to invest themselves in solar plants. This proposition offers specific services for land- and asset owners who wish to invest themselves in solar panels. NPC offers technical and financial screening, ROI calculations, energy contracting, purchase advise and project management. Customers can outsource the entire process from feasibility study to installation, to NPC for a fixed-fee.

Solar as a Lease

For customers that do not have sufficient capital and wish to lend their land or assets to an external party in favor of solar plants. This proposition offers specific services for land- and asset owners who do not wish to invest themselves in solar panels. If your land or roof is technical evaluated, and the solar panels are installed, NPC will provide you with a yearly compensation fee for the land or roof used. NPC finances, plans, develops, installs and maintains the solar plant throughout a period of 15 to 25 years.
In this way, NPC could provide your company with 100% green energy and help you with reducing the carbon emissions as well. Furthermore, NPC guarantees the same electricity rate for the next 15 to 25 years. This gives certainty for your energy purchase agreement for the long term.

Solar as a Service

Also includes financing options if do not wish to invest. We would provide you with a fee for the area use and the full installation at the end of the contract for free! We fund, plan, develop, construct and connect a solar farm designed specifically for your business, and charge a fixed rate for the electricity.

Roof-tied solar installations

This is the type of solar installation applicable for only roofs.

Ground-tied solar installations

This is the type of solar installation applicable for only ground/land.


This is the type of solar installation in combination with local off-takers, for example companies, farmers or datacenters. The microgrid will be advised, build and maintained by an external party for example Zown (part of Alliander).

These complete offerings make a Solar implementation save and simple, and you make your company part of the green energy solution!

Partner With Us

NPC energy is partnering with many skilled and proven parties to provide you with the best service.

Together with Asset owners, Landlords, Lease Holders, Corporates and Developers we make the future of energy transition happen.