Our goal

Become a top 3 solar project developer for 1MWp+ solar plants in the Netherlands by 2023.

NPC works with first-class partners that are able to offer the best available solar technologies against the best pricing, delivered in a fast and efficient way and maintained on a 24/7/365 continuous basis.


Developing and building a minimum of 10MWp of solar projects in the Netherlands each year. We focus on solar projects from a minimum size of 1 MWp land or roof based.

Searching for local off-takers close to our solar plants, in order to create a microgrid. This enables local supply and demand among the producer (PV-plant) and local users of this green energy, for example companies, factories or farmers. By doing so we avoid building expensive connection lines to the national grid.

High-volume business development and strong culture of efficient and successful conversion from first contact with asset and land owners to financial close.